Distribution Network

Al Noor Foods is a reliable and trusted supplier of high quality Pakistani food products in the UK. It has a vast portfolio of more than 250 products including its own brand range of Pakistani Bassar Curry Masala, Rice, Pickles, Preserves and Pastes. With over a decade’s experience in the distribution industry, Al Noor Foods is serving its valued customers around the UK and EU with its high quality food products. In addition to its own brand range of products, Al Noor Foods is proud to be the Official Distributor in the UK for several highly reputable Pakistan based companies including Forvil Cosmetics, Laziza, Ahmed Foods, Hamdard (Rooh Afza) and Continental Biscuits (LU Range).


In the UK, Al Noor Foods operates its distribution network through fast and dependable delivery services with modern transport facilities. Major customers of Al Noor Foods in the UK and EU include Bestway Cash & Carry, East End Foods, P & B Foods, Lubna Cash Carry, NATCO Cash Carry and TRS Wholesales Co. Our products can also be found in Tesco, ASDA and Morrison. In addition, Al Noor products are available in many local stores across the UK and EU through its network of sub distributors and associates.


Al Noor Foods is also delighted to announce the official opening of our Ireland office. Any enquires for supply and delivery in Ireland can be directed to our Ireland based Director Sales Mr A A Chaudhry at: salesirl@alnoorfoods.com


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